Sin embargo, este "acto supremo del intelecto" radica en una transferencia ciertamente provocativa: "The Book of Nature" se transforma en "Stella's Book".

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Pearce y Howard también se diferencian en su vitalidad: "Pearce was a strong, vital, very ajeno man-Howard felt, by contrast, rather transparent, even invisible" ; "Pearce's terrible energy, his prolifacy, had alarmed Howard, who felt like a child compared to him. Las expresiones "elegant, a dandy", también tienen su precedente en "he appeared in well-tailored clothes" Con este tipo de estructura superficial es difícil conocer si el amor de Emilia se dirige a Howard o a Pearce. Ana Mg Manzanas Calvo Astrophil and Stella y la interpretación de "The Book oiGod' s Works" 23 It is most true, that eyes are form'd to serve The inward light; and that the heavenly part Ought to be king, from whose rules who do swerve, Revels to Nature, strive for their own smart. And not content to be perfection' s heir Thyself, doest strive all minds that way to move: Who mark in thee what is in thee most faiI. In spite of this it seems not to have found its identity and lacks a clear idea about its future urban development beyond accepting or rejecting successive waves of speculation. En primer lugar, una serie de adjetivos "uncertain", "dulled", "confused", "nearly hidden", "hardly visible" , en los que puede apreciarse una gradación familiar hacia una visibilidad cada tiempo menor. Cristian Mysticism in The Elizabethan Age.

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La responsable del cambio experimentado por Howard es Emilia. Only the former counts as an impediment to communication, whereas the latter is an enrichment, especially in literature". Totally dedicated to his arto The language of his parable must suggest that-the transformation of aman into his arto Language carries more than its own meaning. Martin "a celebration of the 'magic of art', of its transforming power", se trata una narración adecuada para iniciar un volumen que contiene interpretaciones de obras maestras de la narrativa breve. Soneto IV. En son inventariadas 6. Wal1er, Gary.

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In Madrid he selects a certain woman. He had not exactly spoken of marriage. X is handsome, aging, elegant, a dandy, something of a phony his exaggerated catholicism, his loyalty to Franco etc. He had too much work to do. Por un lado, la administración guardia impulsó una impor- 20 reverse this urban process with a greater awareness of the need for an individual treatment of the different areas that make up the city, the promotion of renovation as a fácil and desirable option and controls on new architecture. Manchester: Fyfie1d Books. Hemos subrayado los distintos procedimientos empleados para señalar a nivel de la superficie esa dificultad visual, que pueden clasificarse en tres grupos.

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